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Music Movies at the Salt Lake City Film Festival


If you love artsy films, you’re in luck this weekend. Check out the SLC Film Festival. But if you wanna rock ... you’re also in luck. The second annual festival has a slew of music movies to choose from.---

For more about the festival, read what City Weekly has to say over here. For a full schedule of all the films, go here.

Here’s a rundown of the music movies this year (blurbs taken from the SLC Film Festival website):

Andrew Bird: Fever Year

Documentary (81 min)
Friday, Sept. 21, 4:50 p.m., Tower Theater
With short film: I DANCE U SMILE

Filmed during culminating months of the acclaimed singer-songwriter's most rigorous year of touring, Andrew Bird crosses the December finish line in his hometown of Chicago feverish and on crutches from an onstage injury. Is he suffering hazards from chasing the ghost of inspiration? Or merely transforming into a different kind of animal "perfectly adapted to the music hall?" FEVER YEAR is the first to capture Bird's precarious multi-instrumental looping technique and features live performances at Milwaukee's Pabst Theater with collaborators Martin Dosh, Jeremy Ylvisaker, Michael Lewis and Annie Clark of St. Vincent.


To read a City Weekly feature, go here.

Documentary (79 min)
Saturday, Sept. 22, 7 p.m., Tower Theater

Color Me Obsessed: A Film About The Replacements

Documentary (123 min)
Saturday, Sept. 22, 11:30 p.m., Tower Theater
With short film: AFFLICTION

Director Gorman Bechard brings an extraordinary vision to a unique filmmaking challenge with COLOR ME OBSESSED, the first documentary on the influential '80s indie-rock band The Replacements. Combining the band's mystique with the passion of their fans, Bechard made a music documentary with no music and not one single image of the band. "People believe in god without ever seeing or hearing him. I'd like viewers to believe in the band that way." Rockers (Colin Meloy, Craig Finn, Goo Goo Dolls), journalists (Robert Christgau, Legs McNeil), fans both famous and not -- Bechard interviews the believers and delivers the potentially true story of The Replacements, America's last best band. Despite containing not one note of music, COLOR ME OBSESSED is a doc that really rocks!

Better Than Something

Documentary (88 min)
Saturday, Sept.22, Midnight, Brewvies Cinema Pub (21 or Older)
With short film: OMISSION

BETTER THAN SOMETHING is an intimate portrait of the late garage musician Jay Reatard, who toured the world and released dozens of records over the course of a 15 year career that began in his teens. Original and never-before-seen footage documents his self-made journey to iconic underground rock star, with colleagues, friends, and family speaking candidly about Jay's prolific and notorious career. Jay Reatard himself -- filmed just eight months before his untimely death at the age of 29 -- speaks openly about his vibrant and complicated life while taking the filmmakers on an incredibly personal tour of his hometown of Memphis.


John, a composer content with his music to keep him company, recovers a piece of music he never finished and, considering the past he had compartmentalized until now, finds that his estranged daughter was the inspiration for the piece.

Punk’s Not Dead

Narrative (104 min)
Sunday, Sept. 23, 4:50 p.m., Tower Theater
With short film: G I R L S

Protagonists of this black comedy are punks who deliberately remained at the margins in muddy times of Macedonian transition. The routine of their outside's survival is disturbed by an offer to make a reunion of their one-time cult band and play at some bizarre multicultural happening, which is to prove the false image of Macedonia as a land with relaxed ethnic tensions.