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What's on Your Salt Lake Insider's Guide List?


This weekend, tens of thousands of visitors will descend on Salt Lake City for LDS General Conference. While some will be just a TRAX ride away, others will be arriving from as far away as Japan or Argentina. Additionally, Temple Square itself draws at least 5,000 visitors a day, with even more during Conference weekends. --- Put simply, people come to visit Temple Square, and it’s Utah’s top tourist attraction because it's unique to Salt Lake City and, Mormon or not, some people are willing to come quite some distance to see it.

However, someone who only visits Salt Lake City for Conference or to see Temple Square is only glimpsing a tiny segment of what is best in our fair city. What are some Salt Lake City staples you would recommend to an out of towner visiting this weekend? Do tourists need to be sure to stop by the Lion House for rolls, or should fry sauce be their culinary priority? Should they grab lunch between Conference sessions at Hires Big H, or does your allegiance lie with Crown Burger? Would you tell them to go walk around the University of Utah campus, or take a day trip to BYU? Is a drive to the Great Salt Lake an essential Utah experience, or would a visit to Mount Olympus better fill that role?

Tell us what you'd recommend.

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