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Currently Kickstarting in Dec.: Open Orchard Revival, Mideau


To help music lovers connect with music makers, here’s the rundown of local music projects currently seeking crowd-sourced funds.---

Kickstarter, and other crowd-funded campaigns, might seem, at times, like desperate pleas in the night from creatives, but these methods have drastically changed the face of independent music, giving freedom to the creators and more interaction between both sides.

From desktop organizers to documentaries and from a mini-comic series to probably dozens of bacon-related projects, the sky's the limit with crowdfunding. But more often than not -- as far as I’ve seen -- it is used by bands to make music. In case you don’t know how it works, here’s this (if you do know, skip ahead): A creative person who needs money sets up an account and pitches it to anyone with access to a computer. Folks can then choose to pledge whatever amount they wish, but typically, there are levels associated with how much that is and what they get in return. At the end of the time period, if the goal is met, then the creative gets the money; if it is not met, they get nothing.

So, anyway. Here are the current local music projects that need a little green to get off the ground:

Open Orchard Revival’s "What Are They Doing In Heaven Today?"

The gist: A gospel album created by The Folka Dots and The Trappers and dedicated to Dan Buehner’s deceased grandmother. The 11 tracks were recorded on analog tape in a basement (pictured at the top of the blog). The campaign is to put it on vinyl, because “it just sounds better!”

End date: Dec. 13

Strangest gift in return for a pledge: For $1,000 each, two band members will shave their beards -- Dan Buehner (sold out) and Brian Manecke (up for grabs). A better option might be this: Starting at $30 pledges, you get a handmade bar of Open Orchard Revival soap “to wash your sins away.” It is made by band members.

The music: Stream four songs here.

Campaign page: Open Orchard Revival


The gist: Libbie Linton and Spencer Harrison are working on their debut project and “not cutting any corners.” It’s melodic, punchy, fresh and warm -- and experimental.

End date: Jan. 12

Strangest gift in return for a pledge: For $100, you can get a haircut with Spencer (What's up with all the grooming this month?)

The music:

Campaign page: Mideau