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Films for EVE


Some of the events included with the EVE wristband include select movies at both the Broadway Center Theatre and the Clark Planetarium. For showtimes at both locations, it's best to redeem tickets early, as shows sell out quickly. Most of the movies are family-friendly but will capture the attention of adults, as well.

One of the best movies playing at the Planetarium is Black Hole. Black holes are an enigma that we are just beginning to understand, mysteries of the cosmos that captivate and delight. Black Hole features some of the best digital 3-D effects that have been created on this mysterious subject.

A slightly more exciting and high-energy movie on the subject of the mysteries of deep space is Violent Universe. The explosions of giant stars releasing their materials into the cosmos and a possible futuristic meeting between Earth and asteroids are just two of the exciting subjects explored in this film about the violent forces at work within our universe.

Perfect Little Planet is a fun movie that imagines the possibilities of a vacation in space. The solar system is discovered through the lens of a family from another galaxy looking for an awesome spot for vacation. You’ll explore Pluto, the Dwarf Planet, experience the storms of Jupiter, and fly through the rings of Saturn. This is a film that children are sure to love.

The holidays are celebrated in Let it Snow, which was produced in its entirety by Clark Planetarium. The movie features a variety of classic songs from Frank Sinatra to Brenda Lee, and includes an impressive multimedia piece by the Trans Siberian Orchestra. The soundtrack includes laser images and special effects and is aptly shown in the Planetarium’s Dome Theatre in order for people to experience the complete audio-visual experience.

Another great choice of movies at the Planetarium that also includes music is the film “Rock on Demand,” which is classic-rock music and laser imagery chosen by the audience.

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