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Crazy Saturday night for graveyard cops



This past weekend was busier than average for Salt Lake City's finest, judging by their watch log. Maybe it was the threat of the incoming storm, but something was up.---

Saturday kicked off with a productive forgery bust. When cops arrested Furat Hussain for allegedly opening credit-card accounts with a fake I.D., they found he also had fake documents in his possession. He was booked for 35 forgery-related counts.

A not-so-well-timed burglary had investigating officers spot a neighbor exiting the South Temple building with apparently stolen property. A 19-year-old was booked for burglary and possession. Cops sent in a K-9 to a second suspected burglary, the back door to a residence in Windsor Street having been forced open. The dog bit a man inside on the leg. He went to the hospital, accompanied by citations for trespass and criminal mischief.

Cops served a search warrant at a Ramona Avenue address and found a marijuana grow. The grow's alleged owner was booked for possession and intent.

An old-fashioned bait & switch saw a woman offer a man a ride, only to be joined by two other men who attacked the male passenger, cutting him on the leg. The woman was in her 40s, with long dark hair. One of the men had gray hair, the other was bald.

Cops went to a home on Genesee Street and found a mother unconscious, allegedly with drugs in her possession, her 4-year-old daughter also in the home. The mother was booked for possession and child endangerment. 

After such an active night, one incident stands out, however, if for nothing else than a reminder of the perils of gun ownership. An 18-year-old was out after 2 a.m., walking to an address on 600 South when his gun went off. He apparently shot himself in the thigh. The nonthreatening injury resulted in hospitalization and no charges, although perhaps the wound to his ego was worse.