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Mosey along to a great travel plan


One of the many ways the Internet is revolutionary is that you can easily get recommendations on hotels, dining, activities, entertainment and more at a number of different websites. Planning a trip 15 years ago meant relying on friends, family, a travel agent or tour guide to point you in the right direction. ---These days, if you need to know a good hotel, a great restaurant or the best place to get coffee in a city you’ve never been to, there’s no shortage of recommendations out there -- sometimes even too many to sort through. 

Taking all of that information and piecing it together into a coherent itinerary, or even just putting together a fun day, can be a challenge. That’s where Mosey comes in. The website is where people can post itineraries for a particular day or particular focus in different destinations. For example, with the city of Portland, Ore., you can find out what to do for a Friday night or on a Sunday morning. You can find a bar crawl in Edinburgh, Scotland, or a coffee and ice cream trek in San Francisco. One entry, titled, “A Perfect Day in Manhattan - NYC,” starts you off with a croissant at a local bakery, takes you through Central Park, down Fifth Avenue and past the Flatiron building, with time built in to stop at favorite places for lunch, gelato and a beer.

Mosey entries, made by locals and travelers alike, come complete with maps, timelines, photos and brief descriptions of what to expect at each entry. The entire setup on one page makes it easy to plan the day and figure out how to get around.

The Mosey site is still relatively new and building up its entry total. As of this writing, there were no entries for Salt Lake City or Utah. Get to work, people!

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