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Wicked Audio


Today's post was supposed to be with the founder of Wicked Audio, Paul Marshall. But ... that's not happening. --- A little back story to this -- because it is an entertainment blog and it's only right I entertain you: For years, I've been trying to do something with Skullcandy. Been hitting up people at the company to do an interview with Rick Alden for years; it's never happened. I've gotten the “we'll get back to you” all the way to dead silence. I've been able to interview a lot of the artists who work for Skullcandy and create original designs for their products, but, apparently, the owner is just too mighty to sit down with us.

Enter: Wicked Audio, a company who almost defiantly proclaims itself as a direct competitor to Skullcandy, even if it is just a matter of being another headphone company based out of Utah. So, hey, what the hell -- Alden doesn't want to give me the time of day, I'll sit down with the headphone company that is actively seeking press and promotion of its product. An agreement was made with a PR agency (who has been nothing but awesome in trying to delegate the interview) for Marshall to do an arranged interview for my blog, and all was ready to go.

That is, untilĀ I found out a day before this interview was to go up that Marshall's traveling around and has no time to sit down and do the interview by the date agreed upon. Essentially, I got pushed to the back burner and haven't heard anything back about it since Thursday. So, it turns out the two companies have more in common than they think. If Paul Marshall ever decides to get back with me and do this interview, it'll get posted here. In the meantime, I think it's best I stopped trying to focus on local companies going national and get back to covering upcoming companies who actually appreciate exposure.

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