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Wine Wednesday: Cline Rose


Normally, I don't tend to turn to Rosé wines in winter. They are mostly reserved for spring and summer sipping. --- However, I was recently pondering what wine to drink with a batch of butter-poached shrimp I'd made, and the lightness and zest of Rosé seemed logical. It turned out to be a superb food and wine pairing.

The Rosé I chose was Cline Cellars 2012 Mourvedre Rosé ($10.99). It's made in the style of French and Spanish Rosés and is absolutely delicious when chilled, but not served too cold.

The Mourvedre grapes are sourced from Cline's Oakley vineyards in Contra Costa, California, and the skins are removed by pressing before fermentation. A small amount of color is extracted from the grape skins, lending the wine it's copper-strawberry color.

On the palate, Cline Mourvedre Rosé has hints of strawberry, raspberry, pomegranate and watermelon. Although the alcohol is 13%, it drinks like a lighter, lower-alcohol wine. It would pair well with a wide range of dishes, and I'd be tempted to serve it at a Super Bowl Sunday party.

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