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Alternate Realities Roundup 6/10



Thousands of migrant children are being housed by federal authorities in make-shift warehouses.---

Top of the Alty World

“Feds Rush To Provide Basic Supplies For Surge Of Migrant Kids Held In Makeshift ‘Warehouses’”--Think Progress

A $335 million project looks to protect New York City from the devastation of a super storm.--Wired

Brazil is using education, technology and other means to preserve the country's rainforests.--The Economist

A radioactive leak in New Mexico threatens the viability of the nuclear industry as a cleaner, safer alternative to coal power.--High Country News

Top of Alty Utah

Utah Political Capitol runs down the status of Utah's same-sex marriage cases.--Utah Political Capitol

Insiders say a possible 2016 federal campaign by former Governor Mike Leavitt is unlikely.--Utah Policy

Media accounts of a police officer who refused to work the Salt Lake City Pride Festival conflict with the SLCPD's official statement about the incident.--Utah Politico Hub

A conference on LDS and LGBT issues reveals struggles had by members with same-sex attraction and their religious leaders.--Salt Lake City Weekly


The Atlantic looks at the use and misuse of the label “terrorist.”

“If a Muslim couple stormed into a fast-food restaurant armed with a duffel bag full of military gear, shouted, "This is the beginning of the revolution!" and pinned a flag associated with their political movement to the dead bodies of the police officers they executed at point-blank range—then killed another innocent person and carried out a suicide pact rather than being taken alive—there is no doubt that many media outlets would refer to the premeditated attack as an act of terrorism.

With a few exceptions, that's not how this week's news from Las Vegas played out. When mass killers are native-born whites, their motivations are treated like a mystery to unravel rather than a foregone conclusion.”--The Atlantic

The Long View

Salt Lake City Weekly reporter Colby Frazier paddles the Jordan River to discover the heart of one of Utah's most abused and neglected waterways.

“'Don’t they find dead bodies in that river?' This is the most common question I was asked after telling people I planned to kayak the Jordan River.

“Yeah. They do,” I’d say.

This dead-body reflex is exactly why I wanted to see the Jordan River for myself, from river level—the only perspective from which a river can be appreciated for being a river. I, too, hear about an occasional body pulled from the murky water.

Stories pop up about pollution in the river, or some political fistfight over how close homes should be built to the riverbank, or how various municipalities are going to connect and expand trails that run alongside it, or how there’s an organized litter cleanup. The river in all of these stories is secondary—a supporting character to the real news.”--Salt Lake City Weekly