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Alternate Realities Roundup 7/11


In most states—including Texas where a man fatally shot four children and their parents—a history of domestic violence doesn't significantly restrict the ability to own firearms.
Top of the Alty World

“Why the Suspected Texas Shooter's Domestic-Violence History Didn't Keep Him From Owning Guns”—Mother Jones

President Obama has called for $3.7 billion to address the crisis of over 50,000 unaccompanied children that have shown up at the U.S./Mexico border.—Democracy Now!

U.S. Taxpayers are subsidizing the defense of the alleged killers of a Palestinian teen that has sparked a recent conflict in the Middle East.—ProPublica

Top of Alty Utah

Here's a rundown of possible outcomes to result from Utah taking it's same-sex marriage ban fight to the United States Supreme Court.—Utah Political Capitol

Utah's GOP chair will forward complaints of a robodialer to the Attorney General's Office for possible prosecution.—Utah Politico Hub

Utah Policy looks at which state senators have the most campaign cash.—Utah Policy

A social-justice movement has mobilized Salt Lake City's Pacific Islander youth in response to the tragic courtroom shooting of Siale Angilau.—Salt Lake City Weekly


The Nation argues that the #YesAllWomen hurts itself by excluding the violence committed against transgender women.

“All women are subject to the threat of violence when they exert agency over their own bodies, defying the expectations of men. For trans women, this agency also takes the form of choosing to express their true gender in public. They act against society’s expectations, especially those of men who feel they are entitled to define trans women’s gender. When trans women attract men, they anger those same men who cannot accept their attraction to a woman who was assigned male identity at birth. Because of this, trans women become the targets of violence.”—The Nation

The Long View

Wired interview two anarchists as they prepare to leave the country for designing “Dark Wallet” software meant to make currency exchanges completely untraceable.

"The drive through the empty Texas landscape gives me a chance to ask the looming question: How will the world change if Taaki and Wilson succeed in their quest to make money truly anonymous? “There’s going to be a bit of a shake-up,” says Taaki, who speaks with a British accent that borders on cockney. “No one knows how it’s going to turn out.”

He pauses. “The assassination markets are going to be a bit shit.” Untraceable murder-for-hire, in other words, could be an unfortunate side effect of their financial innovation. Then he seems to regain his resolve. “I believe in the hacker ethic. Empower the small guy, privacy and anonymity, mistrust authority, promote decentralized alternatives, freedom of information,” he says. “These are good principles. The individual against power.”—Wired