Ill Fede, Atheist and Donnie Bonelli release one-off collaboration | Buzz Blog
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Ill Fede, Atheist and Donnie Bonelli release one-off collaboration


Atheist (left) and Donnie Bonelli (right)
  • Atheist (left) and Donnie Bonelli (right)

Today, local rappers Czon and Suspect (both of Ill Fede), Atheist and Donnie Bonelli (both of House of Lewis) released a new one-off collaboration track called "Promised Land." The thought-provoking song features a catchy hook sung by Bonelli, and rapping by Czon, Suspect and Atheist, who also came up with the overall concept and chorus. 

Decidedly more serious than Atheist's usually lighthearted work, "Promised Land," about wanting to make your mark on the world while you can, is "what happens when I stop writing songs about Ninja Turtles," Atheist says via e-mail. 

"The idea that, eventually, someone will say your name for the very last time is haunting but oddly satisfying," he says. "It means we're all the same. Some may have their names said for longer, but eventually, there will be a last time. And I think that's why a lot of [artists] make music. We want to make something to be remembered by, something to keep us relevant after we die."

Check out the track below, and don't miss House of Lewis' show at the Rooftop Concert Series in Provo (with Can't Stop Won't Stop and Mimi Knowles) on Friday night. 'Promised Land" will also soon be available for download on House of Lewis' website.