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The Great Saltair has bike racks, right?


Dear GYA, I’ve traded my PBR for something a little less ironic—my favorite lager from my favorite local brewery (you probably haven’t tried it) but I have nothing to drink it to. How am I supposed to enjoy my crisp, lightly chilled brewski while explaining to my head-bobbing roommate that, yeah, I know those bands sound the same but this one is waaay better? No, not that band, that band. Dang it, Kevin. You just don’t even understand. —Flanneled in Farmington

You’re in luck, hardened hipster. The Arctic Monkeys are playing tonight at the Great Saltair, so you can stand in place, lightly tapping your toe while everyone else dances freely. Their new sound mixed with old favorites may not appease you, but perhaps opening band Mini Mansions will nicely complement your beer that you insisted on pouring in the cup you brought from home.

If you’re staying closer to downtown Salt Lake so you can return your GREENbike rental, Leopold & His Fiction brings blues, garage rock, and folk fused riffs to The Urban Lounge with Marinade and Rick Gerber and the Nightcaps. Show starts at 8 p.m. and tickets are $10. BYO mustache.

Or, maybe a lineup that you almost confused with Nickelodeon shows is more your thing: Genders is playing at Kilby Court with 90’s Television and Koala Temple at 8 p.m. Tickets are $6. The music is beachy and fun, but no actual reruns of shows from the '90s will be presented.

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