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Movie Reviews: The Identical, The One I Love, Rich Hill & more


September cinematic doldrums continue, but there are at least a couple of reasons to hit the theaters.

MaryAnn Johanson raves about the Sundance award-winning documentary Rich Hill, a heartbreaking look at the dying American dream.

Scott Renshaw was riding high on the romantic fantasy The One I Love—until the plot became complicated enough that he wondered if he'd blinked at the wrong moment. But the multiplexes this week only offer a couple of unimpressive limited releases: The Identical (pictured), a misguided faith-based sort-of-speculation on what would have happened had Elvis' twin brother lived, been adopted, then became an Elvis impersonator; and Innocence, a lurid supernatural thriller about a creepy all-girls prep school that wastes the unique presence of its teen star, Sophie Curtis.

In this week's feature, our film writers looked ahead to the more promising theatrical releases due in the fall.