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TV Tonight: American Dad!, The Millers


American Dad! (TBS)
  • American Dad! (TBS)

American Dad! (TBS) Season Premiere/New Network: The three American Dad! episodes that aired on Fox in September were leftovers from Season 10; the 15-episode 11th season will run on TBS and Adult Swim (this information provided for readers who actually care about "seasons," "networks," "episodes" and other such TV minutia). Despite TBS' promos, it's not any "edgier" than before, but American Dad! is still smarter and more consistently funny than the series from whence it spun-off, Family Guy. Even funnier: Fox canceled American Dad! to make room for Mulaney, which has one foot in the TV grave right now. Well, not so much funny as an I Told You So moment (which I take advantage of as often as possible).

The Millers (CBS) Season Premiere: A second season of wasting the talents of Will Arnett, Margo Martindale, Beau Bridges and J.B. Smoove.