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Alty News: McDonalds Says No to GMOs; Turmoil Among Wall Street Watchers


Secret recordings show internal turmoil amongst the members of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York tasked with monitoring JP Morgan.

Top of the Alty World

“Secret Tapes Hint at Turmoil in New York Fed Team Monitoring JPMorgan”—ProPublica

Republicans refusal to participate in the immigration discussion could cost them the chance to add compromise to the bill, the way they lost a similar chance in crafting the Affordable Care Act.—Slate

McDonald's refuses to buy GMO potatoes for their french fries.—Modern Farmer

Agribusiness is working hard on means to stop undercover animal cruelty investigations on factory farms.—Wisconsin Gazette

Top of Alty Utah

The University Service Coalition will be holding a forum and dinner discussing hunger issues Nov. 18, admission is $5, or three cans of nonperishable goods.—Salt Lake City Weekly

After months spent living in a car, a mother and her sons have found a home and stability.—Salt Lake City Weekly

A man imprisoned since 1994 for stealing $264 from a taco hut in Arkansas remains imprisoned in Utah, with taxpayers subsidizing his stay to the tune of $28,000 a year.—Salt Lake City Weekly


Utah Politico Hub reflects on the recent City Weekly article confirming an affair between two members of the Salt Lake City Council:

Elected officials are in the public eye by choice and because of that some parts of their lives that would be private for normal people are fair game for public consideration. City Weekly is a news publication, and, like it or not, information about the behavior of politicians is fair game for news.

That said, I find
City Weekly’s approach in this instance to be disconcerting. The article is entirely anonymously sourced, and neither Mendenhall nor LaMalfa have actually admitted to the affair. There is no evidence presented outside of an assertion that "multiple" anonymous sources confirmed it to the reporter. And the article’s attempt to justify its own publication relies on reporting the travel costs incurred by Council Members to attend a conference in Minnesota and a weak assertion that: "A romantic relationship between two city council members raises questions about the ability of the pair to make sound decisions as they ponder the public’s business while sitting at the dais.”Utah Politico Hub

The Long View

Utah's Good Landlord Programs allow cities to restrict landlords from renting to ex-convicts, increasing the likelihood that released inmates will likely turn to the streets, re-offend and get sent back to prison to have their stay subsidized by taxpayers. Shannon Cox operates a nonprofit that helps women transitioning out of prison:

Cox says women are particularly vulnerable when they're released from prison. She makes regular rounds with other advocates, visiting and doing outreach with sex workers in Salt Lake City, and says the overwhelming plea she hears from women is for a place to stay.

"You can hand them a bag that has some hygiene items and a bleach kit in it, but when women say, 'I need to get off the street right now, I can't do this anymore,' and there is a John standing right behind them, and you don't got any place to take them, it leaves a sick feeling in your stomach," Cox says.
Salt Lake City Weekly