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TV Tonight: The Royals


The Royals (E!)
  • The Royals (E!)

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The Royals (E!) Series Debut: First Bravo with Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce, now E! turns to scripted drama with The Royals? Has the "reality" finally all been filmed? Unlike GG2D, The Royals proudly dons the Soap Opera tiara and takes it over the tawdry top, with fictional modern British Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) attempting to rein in her tabloid-fodder children ("My daughter, behaving like a common whore—explain this, but make it original this time," just one of Hurley's many snidely perfect burns). The Royals plays so big and brash, there's really no need to add Joan Collins as the queen's mum, but there she is. Glossy, sexy trash that entertains for an hour—E! could have done far worse.

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