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TV Tonight: Stitchers, Community, Royal Pains


Stitchers (ABC Family)
  • Stitchers (ABC Family)

What’s new on the tube tonight:

Stitchers (ABC Family) Series Debut: Kirsten (Emma Ishta), a ridiculously good-looking 20-something with no discernable personality and “temporal dysplasia” (no sense of time—and no, this condition doesn’t exist), is recruited by a black-ops government outfit to have her consciousness “stitched” into the quickly-slipping-away minds of the recently dead to help solve crimes, because science (all of the scientists are ridiculously good-looking 20-somethings, too). Sound like iZombie? Close, but Stitchers takes itself waaay more seriously than anything on ABC Family has a right to, and the setup is waaay more complicated than it needs to be. But, it could potentially be leading somewhere … not terrible, which is really all you can ask of an ABC-Fam drama.

Community (Yahoo Screen) Season Finale: Now that we’ve had six seasons, when’s the movie? Get on it, Dan Harmon!

Royal Pains (USA) Season Premiere: It was fun for a couple of seasons, but now USA is just straining to drag Royal Pains into 100-episode territory for the Big $yndication Payoff—really, how many stories are left here? Apparently, 16 more, stretched into summer 2016. With Royal Pains (it’s about a concierge doctor who caters to rich Hamptons folk—yes, that’s the show) almost done-zo, USA is looking to leave its trademark happy-sunny programming comfort zone and move onto darker, grittier experiments like this summer’s new Mr. Robot (about hackers) and Complications (vigilantes), and returning series Graceland (sexy Feds), Satisfaction (adulterers) and Chrisley Knows Best (a grating “reality” series possibly devised by reanimated Nazi torturers—it’s also back tonight, BTW).