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TV Tonight: Humans


Humans (AMC)
  • Humans (AMC)

What's new on the tube tonight:

Humans (AMC) Series Debut: It's not the future; it's a "parallel present"(?). Whenever it is, Humans is a British production, which means a more subtle take on sci-fi than 'Merican fare: A busy suburban London couple (Tom Goodman-Hill and Katherine Parkinson) buy a refurbished "Synth" (a human-like robot servant, Anita, played by Gemma Chan) who displays flashes of organic emotion and passive-aggressive tendencies (never, ever buy "refurbished"—that's eBay 101). Anita's not the only Synth developing feelings, and—shades of another Brit series, Black Mirror—the eight-episode Humans is chillingly effective at both pointing out the possibilities of technology and questioning our over reliance on it. It's also creepy enough to hold you over until the premiere of Fear the Walking Dead (arriving "sometime in August"—thanks for being vague, AMC).