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Movie Reviews: Trainwreck, Mr. Holmes, Ant-Man

Also: The Tribe, Testament of Youth, Strangerland


Twisted romantic comedy and a twist on the Sherlock Holmes mythology are among the new movies in Utah theaters this weekend.

Mr. Holmes takes full advantage of casting Ian McKellen in a strong performance as the legendary detective, now retired and coping with dementia. The Ukranian drama The Tribe takes its unique gimmick—set at a school for the deaf, performed entirely in sign language with no subtitles—and creates a compelling mix of clear attempt to be shocking with a story that refuses to allow your attention to wander.

Eric D. Snider appreciates some great gags and supporting performances in Trainwreck (pictured), but laments the rambling structure and reliance on gender-reversed romantic comedy cliches. The Australian drama Strangerland loses its solid performances—including Nicole Kidman as a troubled mother—in a story that's more about dreary tone than resolution.

MaryAnn Johanson praises Testament of Youth's inspiring adaptation of Vera Brittain's story about a woman trying to serve her country during World War I.

In this week's feature review, Ant-Man re-discovers the fact that super-hero movies can be silly and playful, and not always about apocalyptic stakes.

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