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TV Tonight: Mr. Robinson


Mr. Robinson (NBC)
  • Mr. Robinson (NBC)

What's new on the tube tonight:

Mr. Robinson (NBC) Series Debut: With only two half-hour sitcoms on its upcoming fall schedule, it's all-too-apparent that NBC has given up on comedy—but first, they have some factory seconds to blow out. Mr. Robinson (starring Craig Robinson) and The Carmichael Show (starring Jerrod Carmichael—no time was wasted titling the shows, obviously) are both summer fillers designed to disappear after their six-week runs and make way for NBC's all-drama-almost-all-the-time slate; after that, you'll never see 'em again. [The Carmichael Show, which was also supposed to debut tonight, has been pushed back a few weeks for no apparent reason.] Which is too bad, because, despite their annoying laugh-tracked formats (still a thing in 2015—why?!), both are headed up by funny dudes who could easily make better comedies fly elsewhere (dammit, I'm going to invoke TV Land. What have I become?!). Best of luck in future endeavors, Craig and Jerrod.