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Wine Wednesday: Rosé & Riedel



As summer turns towards fall, I find myself opening the Rosé floodgates to get in as much warm weather pink wine drinking as possible. That admittedly enjoyable task has been made even more appealing with the introduction of Riedel's new wine glass designed specifically with drinking Rosé in mind. 

As you probably know, Riedel makes varietal-specific, world-class wine glassware. In designing a Rosé wine glass Riedel invited leading Rosé winemakers from Provence to assist in its development and design. They tasted their own wines in glasses of various shapes to reach a consensus on the single best one. 

The winning result was the Vinum Extreme Rosé Provence Glass ($69/Set of 2). The diamond-shaped bowl was designed specifically to enhance the enjoyment of younger wines (no one really cellars Rosé; it's meant to drink young). The bowl offers a wide surface area which helps to facilitate the evaporation of alcohol and astringency. 

Personally, I haven't found a better glass for drinking Rosé than the Vinum Extreme Rosé Provence Glass. Riedel does it again! 

If you're interested in purchasing Riedel's Rose glass directly, click here