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The Skin You're In

Restore yourself with Utah-made skin-care products


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Summer, I love you, but my skin isn't getting any younger, and Utah isn't getting any wetter. Utah is the second-driest state in the nation, next to Nevada, and my skin is parched this time of year, especially since I'm a sun worshipper. I'm an addict, and there's still a little bit of summer left. If your skin is in need of some restoration, try these noteworthy Utah-made skin-care products.


Everything Oil (1 oz, $18) from Crude Personal Care (, also available at Vive Juicery. I know—applying oil to your face sounds counterintuitive, but the recently popular method of oil cleansing removes the "bad" oil, dirt and impurities without stripping the good oil that skin naturally makes and needs. Soaps can sometimes be harsh and cause irritation and drying but not Everything Oil, which does double-duty as both a moisturizer and cleanser. Made with all natural organic oils like sunflower and safflower and a touch of sweet-smelling ylang-ylang. 1 ounce, $18. Use in harmony with Crude's Pull Microfiber Cloths (3, $16).


Alkim Me Vitamin C (1 ounce, $75). I have been looking for the holy grail of skin-care products ever since I read about vitamin C in Harper's Bazaar years ago. It's made right here in Salt Lake City by super-cool human and master-esthetician-to-the-stars, Kim Sevy. It's bottled in violet glass for increased shelf life and comes with its very own test tube of pure L-ascorbic-acid powder that you mix into the serum ensuring the freshest and most productive serum imaginable. This is the superhero of Kim's skin-care system. Reduces lines, brightens and tones skin, is a natural UVB protectant, and is non-toxic. Use in conjunction with Mist, 1 ounce, $15 to help bring skin into balance. Sevy offers truly customized facials in her studio. Let the wizard do her magic on your skin. Contact her through, by phone at 917-345-7424 or by email at

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