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Two-Time Loser

When you can't get the goods, you need to know when to quit.


Sometimes, you just have to know when you're not cut out for the line of work you've chosen. 

Just ask a certain 24-year-old male currently languishing in the county lock-up. 

According to the Salt Lake City Police watch log, early Sunday evening on Sept. 27, this gentleman was intent on no good in the Liberty Park neighborhood. 

First, he approached two individuals at said park—which seems to have seen an upswing of late of crime and violence—and tried to wrest a laptop away from them with a flurry of punches. 

It would seem, though, that his pugilistic efforts were less than effective as those he sought to rob chased him away. 

Undaunted, our hero set off to find rich pickings elsewhere, targeting just half an hour later a home close to 1600 East and Sherman Avenue. He forced his way into the residence, only to be chased out of the home by the folks inside. 

As if he hadn't encountered sufficient obstacles to his attempt at a one-man crime wave, cops pulled up in the area and picked him up. He was ID'd as the would-be robber at the park and booked for robbery, burglary and possessing spice. 


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