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What happens when people don't communicate back.


Hey, gang! For my post today we were going to be chatting with the people behind The Loft. If you're unfamiliar with this place, it is the part-time standup comedy club at The Ziegfeld Theater in Ogden. It's become a cool hotspot in the city for comedy, so we were going to chat with the gang behind it about both this spot and the theater itself.

Well, at least that was the plan, as we've been talking to them for over a month off-and-on, and then they basically just stopped talking to us after agreeing to do it via email. So unfortunately, there's no interview for today, many apologies to you awesome readers for not having one up on a Sunday. If the people in charge of the place finally get around to replying to us, we'll be happy to post the interview here. Until then, check back with this blog on Tuesday for an awesome interview about a community space in SLC.


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