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In The Loop: 10/31/15. Drunk-Or-Treat

Awesome suggested events for November 1-14


Hello to all you makeup-wearing, costume-fitting, monster-mashing, celebrity-pandering, blood-creating, bag-holding, candy-stealing, egg-tossing, last-chance-for-some-pure-fun enthusiasts! Well, it is Halloween as you read this today, and as you're preparing to do your own activity, I'm preparing to get drunk. Being a snarky writer (still living the greatest years of my young-hot-life) with no kids, no formal doorstep for doorbell ringing, and no expectation of extravagant costume to dress up in, I get to have fun doing whatever the hell I feel like. Which most likely will involve running to a bunch of parties and saying I'm the employee from 5 Nights At Freddy's, as I listen to badass music and drink 14 versions of pumpkin beer. I'm sure candy and toilet-paper-throwing will be in there somewhere, and, of course mourning all the lives who had to participate in Trunk-Or-Treat, those poor souls.


So before you, I and the rest of the state go off and take part in whatever mischief the night brings us, below are some suggested plans for the next two weeks. Please take great care in looking at the selection, as we start winding into much colder months ahead and everything starts looking a lot more red and green long before it should. We'll be back with the blog on Monday with a fresh set of interviews from the local entertainment scene. As always; we'll see what happens!

11/1: Day Of The Dead exhibition at UCCU
11/3: Why Are Our Movements White at Westminster College
11/6: PYGmalion: Buyer and Cellar at The Rose Wagner
11/7: Big Shiny Roboto's Nerd Swap Meet at 50 West
11/7: Yart Sale 2 at SLC Arts Hub
11/7: Creators Grid at Metro Bar
11/12: Channel 801 - Tryptophantasmagoric November at Mod-A-Go-Go
11/14: 17th Annual Vegan Thanksgiving at Ching Farm Rescue and Sanctuary
11/14: Dungeons & Comedy at Muse Music

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