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Local Releases: Electro Comps on Perish Lane

New music from Wicked Bears, Perish Lane, Vengeance Tampon and more.


Shake off the snow and the cold gear: It's time to warm up your weekend with some brand new local music. Below we have nine fresh albums to hit the digital shelves, then below that we've got a few release shows for you to attend. Peruse the catalog of digital albums first, then join us below for more!


Broken Darkness - Bloodthirst (EP)
EL EL - Troggy Coma (EP)
This Is Now - Hope Springs Eternal
Vengeance Tampon - Blood Samples (EP)
Starless Sun - Parthenon


Wicked Bears - Selt-Titled
Skellum - Anode / Cathode / Diode Vol . 2 
Anora - Labyrinth
Sky Allen Ledesma - One and Only


We'll have two release shows and a preview for you on Saturday. VanLadyLove are showing off their latest album at a Velour listening party, where you'll only be able to hear the album; you won't be able to snag it until later this year. As far as release shows go, the first will be over at Diabolical Records at the shop will be partnering with Hel Audio to release Industry: Live Recordings. This is a live compilation album of several local electronic artists from the label and beyond. The show will include live performances by RS2090 & UTA Trax (in a joint set), SIAK, St. J, and DComplexity. The show starts at 8 p.m. and is completely free to attend, but you might wanna bring some cash to snag the album.


Meanwhile, over at The Royal, we'll see the latest from Perish Lane. This is an awesome five-piece hard rock group out of SLC who have been around for nearly six years.  They've already got two albums under their belt: a 2012 EP titled Redemption, and their 2013 debut full-length album Destroy The Skies. Their latest release is their second 4-song EP, titled Breaking the Metaphor, which will also mark the last album and performance for  Clayton Oxborrow as he departs from the band and they become a four-piece. They'll be joined by  My Private Island and Machine Gun Rerun. Tickets are only $6 and the show starts at 9 p.m.


Love music, head out, buy local!

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