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Local Releases: Silently Going Batty On The Faultline

Brand new music from The Wasatch Fault, Silent Sorcerer, Batty Blue and more.


Musicians are realizing that summer is coming to a close, and while the weather is still good and kids aren't all back in school, they're taking advantage of every chance they can to get the crowds out and send them back with cool music for the fall. We're going to be talking about a few bands who have album release shows over the next week, but first, we have new selections recently added to the digital discography. So thumb your way through this list, then join us below for the shows you need to see.


Telesomniac - Thirty-One Flashes in the Dark
Dan Fletcher - Lower East Side Shivers
Tickle Cell - Texture (demo)
Hannah Pardoe - Anodynos
Velvet Rabbit - Fuckin' GarBitch


Rhyme Time - Gnarly
Braeyden Jae - Less Fucked & Familiar Spaces
Syqnys - Syqs
Amygdactyl - Are You Shpongled?
Detractors - AM (EP)


Paul Jämsä - Please Don't Leave the Lights On
Problem Daughter - Punks in Vegas Stripped Down Session (EP)
Isaac Harper - Improbably Fatal (Momentum OST)
Brother. - Volume I
Dead Things - Self-Titled


Tonight brings two release shows, the first from Rumble Gums (which you can read more about in this week's City Weekly), doing a formal release show for their album Pool Party Palace, which came out back in May. They'll be playing Urban Lounge with Mood Beach and Soft Limbs. Meanwhile, across town at Kilby Court, we'll see the latest from The Wasatch Fault. The SLC-based four-piece has been around for about four years now, playing a slower, more methodical version of math rock that comes a few bars shy of being alternative. They had a pretty good run with their self-titled debut album back in the fall of 2013, and now they've returned with their sophomore album, Super Wasatch Fault.  You can pick up a copy tonight at Kilby Court as the band plays with Wicked Bears and Sunsleeper. Tickets are $7 and the doors open at 7 p.m.


On Saturday, Aug. 13, we'll see the debut album from Silent Sorcerer. This is a six-piece metal band out of SLC consisting of Scott Kimberlin, Jaden Shelley, Charley Borsani, Kelton Shelley, Garrett Von Almen and Doyle Shelley. While they've been playing around town frequently, they've only had two singles in the past three years and not a ton of recognition for it. That all changes this week when they release their debut full-length album, Drowning In Time. You can pick up a copy at The Loading Dock as the band plays with Truce In Blood, Vicious Souls, Fried Arm, and Demented Asylum opening. Tickets are $10 and the doors open at 6:30 p.m.


Finally, next Thursday, Aug. 18, we'll see the latest from Batty Blue. The four-piece "anti-folk" alternative band out of Provo has been doing quite well over the past two years, with a couple albums under their belts and a couple singles. We actually saw a cassette release from the group back in June called HEDON, which has been making the rounds in the local indie scene. New the group officially release their latest full-length album, Peeling an Orange or Flattening a Sphere. You can snag a copy next week at Kilby Court for their release show as they play with My Fair Friend and Candace. Tickets are $6 and the doors open at 7 p.m.


Love music, head out, buy local!

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