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Local Releases: Tasting Fire in the Muh

Brand new music from Erasole James, Badfeather, Stephanie Mabey and more.


The weather may not be cooperating with us this weekend, but who the hell cares: Music knows no bounds! Take a moment to go through our short list of digitally released local albums that came out this week, then join us below as we preview the two release shows we have going on over the next week through the rain and the chill.


Mind Body & Beats - Sundays. (EP)
Z Gray - The Exposed Tape
DJ SkratchMo - Crate Dweller Bboy Breaks and Edits Vol. 1
Sea of Evenings - Marrows (EP)


Badfeather - Signal Path
The Conscience - No Longer (EP)
Mars - Holy Mountain
New House - Monkey Boy Meets the Corn God


The first album we're talking about is from Stephanie Mabey, a solo pop artist hailing from SLC. She may not be hitting up a venue every week, or even every month, but her music actually has been featured on MTV. You know when you have a show, and there's music playing underneath, and you're not sure who it is but it plays into that scene? That's where she's been featured. She released a single called "The Zombie Song" back in 2011, and released her debut album Wake Up Dreaming in August 2012. Her latest EP, I Still Taste Fire, is her first release in more than four years. You can snag it tonight at Ember on State Street, as she performs with Goldmyth and t.Harts.  Tickets are $18 online before you go, and doors open at 7:30 p.m.


Finally, on Wednesday, Sept. 28, we'll see the latest from Erasole James. James has had a cool career in SLC, being the emcee for Dine Krew and an integral member of the hip-hop community for years. When the man went solo with Tawa's Nephew back in 2015, it blew a lot of people's minds about his talent, and marked a new direction for his career. His latest full-length, Into The Muh, sounds damn smooth for the small clips that are online, and may be a strong frontrunner for one of the best local hip-hop albums of the year. You can snag a copy at Urban Lounge as he performs with Pikkoroh, Dine Krew, Malev Da Shinobi and a mystery guest you'll have to show up to see. This show is absolutely free to attend and the doors open at 8 p.m.


Love music, head out, buy local!

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