In The Loop: 11/26/16. Advanced Musings Of A Drunk Billiards Player | Buzz Blog

In The Loop: 11/26/16. Advanced Musings Of A Drunk Billiards Player

Awesome events for you to check out from Nov. 27 through Dec. 10


Hello to all you family-avoiding, plane-catching, store-jogging, injury-healing, holiday-hating, only-35-more-days-until-this-damn-year-ends enthusiasts! The day this post goes live, I'm hopefully waking up around noon in a guest bedroom at someone's place in the Avenues, where I just spent a night shooting billiards, gaining my eyesight back from drinking gin, and finding leftovers from the vegan "trky" someone brought to an Orphan Thanksgiving. Because if I'm going to be miserable this weekend, it might as well be self-inflicted. Needless to say, this post was written well in advance of the holiday, so cheers to you and whatever you're doing. Here's two weeks worth of events for you to check out, but first, some more billboard artwork from downtown SLC.


11/27: Fundraiser for the Rape Recovery Center at The Underground
11/28: Beginner Game Night - Magic: The Gathering at Watchtower Cafe
11/28: Salt City Slam at Weller Book Works
12/1: Red Party at Bodega
12/2: Moment at Nox Contemporary
12/2: A Night At The Moxy at The Moxie Movement
12/2: KRCL's 7th Annual Polar Jubilee at The Falls Event Center
12/3: Year One Showcase at Avrec Art House
12/5: 2016 Winter Market at UCCU
12/9: Annual Girls Night Out at Central Book Exchange
12/10: Third Annual Cosplay Winter Ball at Area 51
12/10: The Bee: Making Peace at Urban Lounge

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