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Local Releases: The Darkest Of Fridays

Brand new music from Super 78, Swoody Records, The Lower Lights and more.


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Hey, kids! Most likely when you read this you'll be either sitting in your car wondering how many more battle scars you'll need to fix as you wade into the next super sale, or you'll be at home trying to figure out how many calories you just consumed and what increase to the workout regiment you'll need to make to get back down before Christmas. Either way, I figure you could use some new music. We've got one release show for you to check out, and some online releases to get you through the weekend.


Neu Lake - Transitions (EP)
Outsiid.e - lightFog (EP)
Press Gang Union - Coming Out Swingin' (EP)
Various Artists - Homemade Holidays Vol . 3
Aurune - Voyager (A Soundscape to Agartha)
The Lower Lights - Old Time Religion


If you happen to be in town when you're reading this, the first of our two shows comes to us tonight from SLC's own Super 78. This is a psychedelic shoegaze band comprising Cesar Reyes, Leon Ridd, Drew Workman, Tyler Parsons, Micah Hill and Sam Burton. This is one of those bands that has been playing locally for years and have a large following, but haven't done much release-wise. You could technically put a couple albums together of all the songs they put out in music videos and on Soundcloud. But after seven years together, we're finally getting their first release, a full-length album called Unknown Paintings of Space. You can get a copy tonight at Urban Lounge as the band performs with The Circulars, Cupidcome and The Nods. The show is totally free and doors open at 8 p.m.


Love music, head out, buy local!