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Local Releases: Quietly Programming Primitive Oaks

New music from Quiet Oaks, OK Ikumi, Primitive Programme and more.


This weekend is pretty awesome as we bring you two highly-anticipated album release events over the next two days. Before we talk about them, we got a nice list of local releases that came out online. Thumb through the digital discography,  then join us below for the shows you should see this weekend.


Shit Dogma - Digital Validation (EP)
Thought Torrent - New Album
Hawker Roam - Beneath the Surface
Drauszen - GL09č ((
Open Door Policy - Open Door Policy LIVE


OK Ikumi - Farmor
Sequestered Keep - Wandering Far (EP)
Ragk - Folder Run (EP)
American Snot - Demo (EP)
Regular Ass Dude - X X T R A T H I C C


Scarlet Rain - Eleventh Hour
A Fellow You See - Fetish Music (EP)
Faces In Mountains - I Haven't Learned Anything (EP)
Indrid Cold - Anxiety: Indrid Cold is Dead
Joe Galloway - Intrigue


Saint Raven - Crow (EP)
Nelson Muntz - Tribute To Larm (EP)
Schlimminy Cricket - Readymade
Lesser Halves - Interpreter (EP)
RedWater - Overdrawn


The first show happens tonight as we see the latest from Quiet Oaks. But I won't need to write much on this one, as City Weekly's Randy Hayward chatted with the band in this week's issue. Go read that article, then go pick up a copy of Pretty Alright at Urban Lounge as the band plays their album release show with Andrew Goldring and Strange Familia.  Tickets are $5 and the doors open at 8 p.m.


Tomorrow night, we'll get the latest from Primitive Programme, a three-piece new wave/synth punk band from SLC comprised of Dennis Fuller, Ian Francis and Joshua Price. The band originally started out as Josh & Ian, and had a nice debut album back in early 2016, but changed names and a little bit of their sound when they picked up a third member. Their debut EP, Modern World, sounds  awesome from the early copy we got, well worth your time to seek it out. Grab a copy tonight as the band plays at Diabolical Records, with Sculpture Club (this will be their tour send-off show) and Choir Boy opening. There is a suggested $5 donation at the door, and music will start around 8 p.m.


Love music, head out, buy local!