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Local Releases: Visiting From Tennessee

Brand new music from Truman Brothers, Sea Of Evenings, Constellations and more.


We've got one whole show tonight. Just one. It would be nice as we head into the spring to start seeing all these albums people are apparently working on, spending a lot of winter time in the studio, and haven't released yet. Hopefully, they'll be coming soon. In the meantime, here's a list of digital releases from this week, then join us below for the show happening this weekend.


Sea of Evenings - Slate Beach (EP)
Gryzzlee - Flow
Portzebie - WYSIWYG (EP)
Symphony Sleeper - Kerrigan
S13nderman - C L O U D Y D A Y S ? (EP)


Various Artists - Son Of Deseret (a Bob Moss tribute)
Drakula Dolphin - Kollected
RADE - Demolition (EP)
Sia Dokos - Strawberry Milk (EP)
Constellations - Eclectic Eyes


On March 25, we'll get to hear the debut album from Truman Brothers. This alternative pop band is two brothers (Benjamin Truman & Chad Truman) who were rising musicians in Provo until they packed up and moved to Tennessee. Technically they're not a local band anymore, and have about as much of a tie to Utah as Imagine Dragons do at this point, but we'll throw them a bone this time because they decided to come back for their release show. You can pick up a copy of Dukes Of Delmont tomorrow at Velour as the band performs with Oli K and Aubree Liz. Tickets are $10 and the doors open at 8 p.m.


Love music, head out, buy local!