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Tap Your Quarantined Toes at Legoland Partytime

Dream team of local emerging acts stage virtual concert.


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Just last issue, we were celebrating the vibrant spirit of our local music scene. Much has changed since.

As coronavirus shuts down all the parts of social life that make life colorful and wonderful, the arts have proven to be particularly vulnerable, as have those who perform them. Artists all around the country have been responding the past week, by putting on virtual performances livestreams from their homes, transitioning from the normal live setting to one accessible to anyone engaging in self-quarantine or at least social distancing.

  • Derek Wetencamp
  • Sonnets

A chunk of SLC locals are bringing just such a show to us tonight, and just because it’s online doesn’t mean it’s not stacked. Local acts Sonnets, Scott Wasilewski, Clark!! and Aureoles will fill the virtual night with very real tunes. It’s being dubbed Legoland Partytime, a random name, but maybe an apt one when one considers how many millennials spend childhood sick days stuck at home with nothing but a box of Legos to occupy their recovery time—quarantine is definitely something of a similar situation. Sonnets will bring along their noisey, screamy rock, which often switches suddenly into melodic territory, a sound that will be joined by the similarly aligned Clark!!, who earns those exclamation points in spades. Meanwhile, Aureoles will balance things out with some good old-fashioned lo-fi experimentations.

If you miss the intimacy of a good show with easy-going local artists who are just like you, don’t miss this opportunity to see a human face, hear a human voice in real time and bond over music with some folks who just wanna keep giving it to you—despite our shared isolation. The sound and visuals for the live stream, which will take place on YouTube, are engineered by Kale Morse, Chuck Paik, Tommy Fraser, Gary Fairburne and Nate Harer, most of whom have been affected negatively by the plunge in employment due to COVID-19. Those who want to watch the show, are encouraged to donate to these hard working folks via Venmo at @Thomas-Fraser-4, @Chuck000, @Kale-Morse and on CashApp at @$carygary69. Head over to ShitJewelry.com to see a fittingly hodge-podge website reminiscent of the early days of the web, when we thought the whole world would happen online and before we regretfully had to make that a reality due to a global pandemic.

To experience legolandPARTYTIMEohyeah live, check out Shit Jewelry on YouTube .

Know of any other outside the box local events happening? Email me.

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