Music Update Oct. 9: Hel Audio's Videozine | Buzz Blog
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Music Update Oct. 9: Hel Audio's Videozine


If you don’t know what a videozine is, let Hel Audio show you. No strangers to pushing the limits, the members of the innovative and experimental electronica label are now pushing into the realm of zines, but doing it quite their own way. Today they dropped their first videozine, which is a longform video compilation featuring songs and videos from a number of Hel artists. With an opening sequence that has all the energy of behind the scenes tour footage with its shots of Utah mountains from the freeway and show’s past, the 24-minute long video that follows is soundtracked by songs from Hel folks like Mooninite, UTA Trax, Tealizard, Angel Magic, OK Ikumi, Andrew Aguilera and Θ. Each artist’s featured song is accompanied by footage featuring a video to go with it, and they vary widely. The UTA Trax song “Logic A/B (Raw Jam)” soundtracks the sight of a complex synth set up, with rows of glowing buttons and tangles of cables and cords. Tealizard’s “Heal Evil” overlays shifting and striking nature scenes, while Angel Magic’s “Reappear” is a modest home recording of the duo, Andrew Aguilera and Lauren Smith, performing the song. There are more, but who am I to spoil it? Dig into these immersive videos and their songs if you want something relaxing to watch this Friday eve. Find the video on YouTube under the helaudio account, and follow @helaudio on Instagram for news on future projects.