Music Update Dec. 11: The Piano Guys Release Album of Hits | Buzz Blog
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Music Update Dec. 11: The Piano Guys Release Album of Hits


Utah’s reputation for famous music-makers extends in many directions. But over the past 10 years, The Piano Guys have at least had a monopoly on the classical arena—especially in the realm of spiritual songs, covers and, of course, their never-ending series of stunning viral YouTube videos. You may have seen them in videos with their signature instruments—the grand piano and cello—poised over some vast expanse. The quartet—which is made up of cellist Steven Sharp Nelson, pianist Jon Schmidt, producer and videographer Paul Andreson and producer and fellow songwriter Al van der Beek—redefine the term “quartet” by working together to fuse their cinematic music with visual wonder, and are celebrating their 10 years doing just that with a new album entitled, appropriately, 10.  It features their greatest career moments over 15 well-loved tracks, in addition to seven new ones and six that have never been released formally on CD.

They’re also following up on the Nov. 20 release of 10 with a new video and rendition of “What Child Is This,” which will be featured on Dec. 13 at 6 p.m. alongside other artists and songs via The Chosen’s YouTube channel in celebration of Christmastime. This isn’t their first time around the holiday block, of course, since the spiritual group already has two Christmas albums on top of their other seven. All of the hubbub around their 10th anniversary celebrations will be topped off by an appearance on Good Morning America on Dec. 22, where they’ll perform, surely in the spirit of Christmas with some of their sweeping takes on Christmas tracks, but also perhaps with some of the new tracks from their fresh album. Stream the new album on Spotify or Apple Music, and purchase it wherever you buy your music, physical or digital.