Music Update Jan. 21: Nahum Reyes as Ages The Poet at Doom Basement | Buzz Blog
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Music Update Jan. 21: Nahum Reyes as Ages The Poet at Doom Basement


  • Enrique Jimenez
  • Nahum Reyes
One of the few constant virtual shows still running, the Doom Basement shows hosted in the spacious basement of local musician Dave Payne are still going up on Twitch every week on most Wednesdays and Thursdays. With the help of a green screen, a giant wall of Saran Wrap separating Payne’s band The 8eat1ful5 from their guest of the evening, and a lot of audience-interactive banter, the Doom Basement nights feel almost like the real thing—which is now the distant memory of the Doom Lounge nights at the Twilite Lounge hosted Sundays and Wednesdays in the pre-COVID past. While last night featured local solo artist Katie Van Sleen playing every song they wrote in 2020 for the Wednesday pick, tonight’s artist is Nahum Reyes of SLC psych rock band Lord Vox. However, Reyes will be solo this time around, playing as Ages The Poet. The solo thing is not new for him, but it is very different from his work with Lord Vox. In that band, he takes on the role of the frontman with gusto, howling passionately along to sweeping guitar parts and the general mystical aura of the group’s songs. However, on his 2019-released track under the Ages The Poet name, he indulges in softness and synth parts. It’s a surprising but pleasant side one wouldn’t expect to see from the local artist, and one worth checking out—who knows, maybe he’s digging back into the solo stuff of Ages The Poet. Listen on, and tune in to at 8 p.m. to catch his set alongside songs by The 8eat1ful5. Keep up with all music by Reyes @nahum_vox on Instagram.