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New year, new music

Music Plus



Welcome to 2023 dear readers. Hopefully everyone had a fun and safe celebration to usher in the new year. Here’s your extra music news for the week. Enjoy!

Dave Quackenbush @ Van Sessions - COURTESY PHOTO - RUTH SILVER
  • Courtesy Photo - Ruth Silver
  • Dave Quackenbush @ Van Sessions

Dave Quackenbush- New song “Cut Me Down”
Local singer/songwriter Dave Quackenbush shadow dropped an epic soulful new song and project along with an accompanying music video. The Ogdenite is no stranger to the scene, they’ve been playing all over and creating music for years. Their 2020 debut EP Ice is a contemplative and upbeat journey. Quackenbush’s vocals are impassioned with a bit of grit, but tons of control that are a pleasure to listen to. This new project Quackenbush is a part of is called Hell Toupée, the song is “Cut Me Down.” This song is an epic and wild ride. The guitar at the very beginning makes you feel like you’re rolling into a town in the wild west, while electronic beats chug in the background. Quackenbush’s passionate vocals are still here in all their glory. Plus Quackenbush can be seen singing up and down Historic 25th Street in Ogden, a cool sight for residents of the town. Check out the song and video on YouTube.

Dude Cougar- Music video for “Porcelain Bones”
Showing more love for O-Town, rockers Dude Cougar dropped a music video for their song “Porcelain Bones,” fresh off of their latest EP Night Aches. The duo took to iconic Ogden locations in creepified masks to create a curious video, visiting Fort Buenaventura and Jake’s Over the Top.'“‘Porcelain Bones’ is a dark relationship song about self discovery. We really wanted to try writing a blues tune that was not typical, like with talented chords and such. With the video, Karl created a special dance called ‘The Kowboy Karl’ that we wanted to showcase. Also, I wanted to try to cry for the video singing parts, but we couldn’t find enough hard liquor to create the effect of utter heartache,” band member Ivan Rose told The Ogdenite in December. Check out their music video on YouTube.

Van Sessions- Pompe ‘N Honey and Tayler Lacey ⅙
Let’s be honest: Van Sessions at The Monarch in Ogden are some of the coolest revolving music events in the state. Bands show up from far and wide to set up their equipment in front of a rad retro van and record top notch live performances. If there’s a local band you enjoy, there’s a good chance they’ve done a set with Van Sessions. Each month two or three bands show up and show off their stuff. This month’s performances will be from Pompe ‘N Honey and Tayler Lacey. Pompe ‘N Honey are a new group formed in April 2022 who play everything from jazz to country. They’ve been playing all over town and say they have an EP in the works for 2023. Folk singer and songwriter Tayler Lacey joins in the fun offering up some superb guitar playing with a classic folky sound. Sets from these bands will be an absolute treat. In the meantime, check out the Van Sessions backlog on all social media, but you can watch full videos on their YouTube.