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Feedback from Dec. 6 and Beyond

Our readers sound off on recent mayoral campaign announcements, City Council pay and the latest Deadpool news.



Cover story, Dec. 13, "Dying in Silence"
So important! #MMIW
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OMG. Not acceptable
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This story could go deeper. It focuses on domestic violence within the native communities, despite the statistically high rate of violence perpetrated against native women by whites. More on the latter issue would be valuable.
David Seager

Online news post, Dec. 11, Jim Dabakis will run for Salt Lake City Mayor
Wish he was running for governor.
Sue Shreeve
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Best news I've heard all year.
John Dehlin
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But how far? 5K? 13.1? Or a full 26.2 marathon? Let's see him run!
Brandon Savage
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We need somebody like him. Someone who's a strong speaker, well thought, believes in listening, honest and bold. You are the man.
Gary Guymon
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Another POS Democrat.
Sean Devos
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Yes Merry Christmas, Salt Lake City
Kathleen Louis Plothow
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He will make a great mayor. Much better than the one in office, but doing nothing, now.
Mike Schmauch
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You have my vote, hands down. We need you in office!
Christy McNunya
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SLC politics is a circus.
Nathan Rathbun
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Music, Dec. 13, Charting folk singer and guitarist Tom Brosseau's path from North Dakota to Utah
Nick McGregor's in-depth piece on Tom Brosseau is one of the most comprehensive and thoughtful articles ever written about TB. Please give it a read and catch up with Tom and all that has been happening in his world. Thanks to Nick and the City Weekly!
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Online news post, Dec. 13, Council Raises Its Pay
Well, of course they did.
Craig Schroerlucke
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Do we still have people going hungry in Salt Lake? Do kids have unpaid school lunch balances? Then the council doesn't get a raise.
Rachel Gilchrist Heard
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People freeze to death within blocks of the county building every winter.
Matt Handy
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Hmmm. That's still a lot lower than I thought they made, and lower than state level politicians who only work less than the city council members. Also, still below the living wage in SLC.
Nate Turner
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Some people only get into politics for their own profit ... not because they care about their constituents. Vote them out.
Debra Vasquez
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Online Blog Post, Dec. 17, Superhero franchise Deadpool is making waves again for vexing LDS flock
The whole thing is ridiculous. This picture could be in a hundred different churches.
Sharon Wendt
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Oh, please!
Boudica Luther
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He who hath ears, let him hear, hear. Love this.
Victor gold
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Get over it. Or perhaps, we should all "compromise."
Zak Farrington
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What goes around comes around. The Mormons are constantly criticizing how others live their lives and interfering with politics.
Debra Vasquez
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Man, they'd have a stroke if they saw what the apostates have been making.
Ash Bowden
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