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Where are the Facts?



How can you possibly publish such a one-sided article? [“Temple Termination,” March 24, City Weekly]. It is more of an editorial than an article filled with those nasty things called facts.

First, Drew Call has lied repeatedly, even admittedly, to himself; second, the ex-wife was never interviewed, or attempted to be interviewed; third, the alleged transcript of the interview with the stake president was unable to be posted.

These are some journalism basics and they should really be covered. If you’re going to say a recording condemns someone, you damned well better be able to at least provide the transcript of the recording. Or are you afraid the recording refutes what was reported on?

Adam Gale
Heber City

Editor’s note: Several attempts were made to interview Call’s ex-wife prior to the publication of the story. She declined to speak to our reporter until after the story was published. Because personal information and issues concerning Call’s divorce were interspersed throughout Call’s conversation with his stake president, it was not possible to publish the interview without redacting a great deal of the interview. We were concerned that comments on both sides might be taken out of context. Thus, we opted not to publish the transcript online as we originally had hoped.

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