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Roller Derby: JCRD's Hilltop Aces Beat Railway Banditas 130-62


Saturday, March 13 at the Davis Conference Center in Layton, Ogden’s Junction City Roller Dolls kicked off their 2010 season front of a capacity crowd of roller derby fans--and the Standard-Examiner’s mythic Stan Bird. ---

The JCRD’s two newly-christened home teams, the Hilltop Aces and the Railway Banditas (both of which rotate members throughout the season), seemed evenly matched for about two jams--then, it became readily apparent that the Aces had drawn the more skilled set of skaters. Strong jammers Colonel Skirts, Wee Smasha, Slick Tease and even the towering Everest Queen laid waste to the Banditas’ weak (and at some points, almost non-existent) defense and quickly racked up what would become an insurmountable lead.

Score at the half: Hilltop Aces 73, Railway Banditas 29.

In the second half, the Aces didn’t let up on their scoring tear, but Banditas jammers Harry Slaughter, Sarin Gasp and the returning Zelda Cruz worked harder and faster to close the gap. But with an eroding-by-the-minute defensive front, the Banditas couldn’t contain the Aces’ point-piling jams.

Final score: Hilltop Aces 130, Railway Banditas 62. Reports that Stan Bird was jumped and barbecued in the parking lot remain unconfirmed.

The next Junction City Roller Dolls bout goes down Saturday, April 24; a double-header featuring a Hilltop Aces/Railway Banditas rematch, and then JCRD’s all-star Trainwrecks taking on North Carolina's Choice City Rollers, at the Davis Conference Center in Layton. Tickets & info:

All four local leagues’ schedules can be found at Utah Roller Derby: 2010 Preview in the Sports Blog.

Shots from Saturday’s JCRD bout; Hilltop Aces in blue, Railway Banditas in black: