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Left of the Dial Axed



Only days after being honored by City Weekly, Jeff Bell's Saturday hour of liberal politics has been canceled.---

According to a blog posting on his website, Bell says management told him that he doesn't fit into the new "corporate mission statement." For those unfamiliar with that new mission statement, it is basically that the Mormon-owned news outlets will spread light as opposed to truth. (Don't expect them to actually admit that, however, which is why I would like to expand the "Best Dishonest Business Strategy" to all of the Mormon outlets).

As Bell admits in his posting, even the hour they gave him each Saturday was probably more than the home to Hannity and Co. really ever wanted to give to a liberal, blustering Democrat. But he also says that he wasn't just some partisan hack throwing out nonsense:

I worked Left of the Dial for the last two years with little more intent than to be informative, researched, progressive and highly opinionated. I’m pretty sure I pulled it off. I even think, from time to time, that I was even entertaining.

One hour a week was just never enough to make a great show. I think it was pretty good, but not great. I tried my best to target bad behavior in every deserving direction; from Killpack and Garn to Matheson, and from Bohner and Bush to Pelosi and Reid. I’m pretty sure that Shurtleff, Clark, Matheson, Miller and the rest of the goofy gang will be happy that I’m gone, but, in all honesty, I’m a little sad about it.

Bell's show was on Saturday afternoons, not exactly a time when a lot of people want to talk politics. However, he seemed to do a pretty solid job making it a show that regular KSL listeners would stick around for, even if they didn't agree with him. That's not saying he tucked his politics in the drawer, merely that he wasn't a jerk to the people who called.

Hopefully, Bell is the first and last Best Of winner to get the ax from their management. As for KSL Radio? Well, good luck with that spreading of the light through a one-sided spectrum.