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Lounge Act Monday: College football finally ends



If you're like me, you long for the days when the college football season ended in a gut-expanding day-long drinking and eating binge on New Year's Day. It was the perfect mindless hangover cure for New Year's Eve's festivities.---

Sadly, those days are gone, and the season now stretches for what seems like eons before it's done. Monday night, a mere 10 days after it should have happened, we finally get the grand finale BCS championship game between Oregon and Auburn.

Why should you care? Well, it might mean there are actually some people crowding SLC's bars on a Monday night—a rare treat, indeed! And it also means that a lot of people who might be out checking out a play or concert will be holed up at home. 

Here are some options for the non-pigskin-inclined for Monday:

The Tower Theatre is hosting a screening of Bear City, which "follows a tight-knit pack of friends experiencing comical mishaps, emotionally sweet yet lusty romantic encounters and a cast of colorful, diverse characters as they gear up for a big party weekend." The screening at 7 p.m. is part of a LGBT film series, co-presented by the Salt Lake Film Society. 

The Hale Centre Theatre continues its run of Born Yesterday, while the Deseret Star Dinner Theater mocks the '80s with Back to the Future: What Happens in 1985 Stays in 1985.