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Local Releases: Five In A Row



This week we've got five albums to chat about with three shows attached, but strangely, nothing for Record Store Day. --- At least, that we've been told about. We sent the word out asking if anyone was planning a localized RSD release, figuring that there might be a few after last year's surprising turnout... but nothing came back. Kinda dissapointing from the twenty releases we had last year. But knowing our music scene, I'm sure there's some random EP or a few demos, maybe a compilation coming out on Saturday, and whoever is behind it hasn't done any promotion for it. Best guess... we'll probably find out about them in May. In the meantime let's play catch-up with two other prior releases, the first from The Crylics. Originally starting out in 2008 as an electric rock/duo they released an EP titled The Brontosaurus and made their way around Utah County. Since then they've picked up a few extra members and adapted their sound for this new EP, Danger: Ghostsurf. The title fits as its pretty surfer-rock-ish with an electric tone to it all, they really grind the synthesizer as best they can. The album is currently online for free with a more formal release show due in the summer. Go check it out.


Next up is a release from the post-grunge five-piece Avintage. I don't really have a lot I can say about this band beyond the simple facts that they've posted. Apparently the group started out with two college friends jamming, eventually picking up three more musicians from around the state. This self-titled EP started making it way around the city last month, and I was waiting for the band to announce a proper release show before promoting it... but apparently they don't play gigs. In fact a quick check around the venues has shown that they haven't played anywhere! So are they a full-fledged band waiting for something to happen, or just a studio group putting out work? We'll hold judgement until the end of the year, but for now you can listen to the whole thing (as well as b-sides) on their Bandcamp site.

Moving onto release shows, first up tonight will be the latest from Pablo Blaqk. I was going to write him up along with his album Sons & Daughters this week, until I saw Spencer Flanagan beat me to the punch in this week's issue. So click that link and read up on him in style! In the meantime I'll tell you his release show kicks off at 7PM over at Brewvies Cinema Pub as he'll be playing along with Marcus Bently, Joscef Castor, David Williams, Cody Rigby and Tim George. The ticket price is $30, which includes a copy of the album.

Then Saturday night we have a double header, first down in Provo, Velour will play host to the latest release from Imagine Dragons. This five-piece indie-pop transplant from Vegas (pictured above, photo by Corlene Byrd) have been busting their asses the past year between Utah and Nevada, earning the respect of both music scenes with their musicianship and heavy work ethic. Doesn't hurt that their music has a techy-hook and unified vocals to kill for, and opening for Weezer and Interpol along with a SXSW appearance isn't bad to have on the resume either. This is one of those bands who, provided they can keep it together, will probably be a big indie name by year's end. You can celebrate their latest release, Its Time, tonight along with Battle School and Street Legal. Just $5 starting at 8PM.

Meanwhile here in SLC we'll see the latest from Kalai. The self-dubbed "urban vintage" solo artist has been steadily releasing works since 2001. Not a bad set of music in his discography as every album has its own style and presence, with nothing overshadowing or under achieved, Kaili can slip between jazz, blues and ballads without a hitch. Probably one of our more diverse performers who doesn't get the credit he should. This man deserves a spot at The State Room one night. Right now he's releasing an EP of cover songs titled The Long Tooth Chronicles Vol. 5, a pre-launch to volumes 1-4 (all original music) on the way this fall. But more on that later. You can catch him at the U of U, more specifically the Union Ballroom, along with Tessa & The Nubs and Ryan Innes. Apparently there's no album artwork for this beyond this photo sent by his press agent, so whatever you're due to buy will be a surprise. $20 at the door starting at 7PM

Head out, love music, buy local.