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Looking at reproductive rights through the prism of rape



Tomorrow night at the Salt Lake County building, as part of Sexual Assault Month, the Rape Recovery Center's interim director Holly Mullen will be moderating a panel on reproductive rights in Utah and that other controversial "r" word: rape.---

"It's time ... to talk about it!" runs the slogan for the month, but addressing rape isn't easy in a society that, Mullen says, can be very judgmental about victims of sexual assault. "There's still that stigma, that judgment under the surface," says Mullen, a former City Weekly editor.

The panel tomorrow night that Mullen has put together is titled Power and the Pill: Who is Fueling the War on Women's Health Care and Safety, and Why?

Among those participating include Rep. Rebecca Chavez-Hauck, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner [SANE] Rachel Jenkins-Lloyd and Salt Lake Tribune columnist George Pyle.

Mullen says the panel will be looking at reproductive issues through the lens of sexual assault and sexual violence. "That part of the discussion has been missing."

While The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is "officially OK with abortion in the face of rape and incest," Utah currently has the most stringent waiting period in the country of 72 hours for all abortions, Mullen noted, suggesting a disconnect between Utah's legislative body and the state's dominant faith.

The panel will take place at the Salt Lake City & County Building, Room 335, 451 South State, Salt Lake City, from 5:30 to 7 p.m.


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