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12 for '12: Dark Seas


If you don’t like fuzzy tunes that are a cloud of reverb and twang floating upwards to create a drug-induced euphoria of sound wafting through the rafters, read no further.---

Dark Seas are part of the psych-rock posse of constantly gigging bands, which includes former CWMA winners Spell Talk and Max Pain & the Groovies. That’s some pretty good company to keep! In fact, Kyle Wilcox has said that they are a band because of Max Pain drummer Tcoy Coughlin’s encouragement.

Dark Seas started out as a Joy Division cover band for the SK801 Christmas party a few years back. They wrote their first songs because they agreed to play Kilby Court -- a venue that does not allow covers -- their Facebook bio states. Now, they've turned into a hard-working rock band that’s opened for several prominent touring acts at venues like The Urban Lounge. Along with some of the other bands I've highlighted this week -- L'anarchiste, Lady Murasaki, Folk Hogan, etc. -- this is an "emerging" (my notion of that, here) project worth watching. 

With a solid lineup of five and a respectable arsenal of original material (and maybe a few Joy Division covers?!), their psychedelic surf rock has loads of energy and, when focused, has a charming, possessive quality. Here’s a sampling:

”Fadin’ Fast”

”White Horse”

Check out their ReverbNation page for their next concert date and to jam out to some more tunes. And to read an in-depth interview with the band, head over to CW's Gavin's Underground.

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