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Wine Wednesday: Bucklin @ Shallow Shaft



In my opinion, Will Bucklin, proprietor of Bucklin Wines, is one of the most knowledgeable winemakers on the planet. He's also a great guy, and his wines totally rock. ---

Will is coming to town for some wine dinners, including one at Pallet on March 7, and at Spencer's on March 8. I don't have detailed information on those events yet, but, I do have info on a great-looking wine dinner at Alta's Shallow Shaft restaurant on March 6.

Here's what the menu and wine pairings look like:

Fried Washington Oyster with spicy clam nage & Manila clam brunoise paired with 2011 Old Hill Ranch Rose

Duck Confit Salad: kale, spiced almonds, roasted squash Slide Ridge wine vinegar paired with 2010 Old Hill Ranch Grenache

Intermezzo: Red grape-cherry sorbet

Colorado T-Bone with black currant "jam," fingerlings, Brussels sprouts & bacon salad paired with 2010 Old Hill Ranch Cabernet

Amano "Occomare" Chocolate Beignets with varietal wine syrup, clabbered cream, sugared mint paired with 2009 Old Hill Ranch Zinfandel

The cost for the Shallow Shaft Bucklin Wine Dinner is $45 for food and $45 for the optional wine pairings, per person.

Phone 801-742-2177 for reservations.