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Glad You Asked: She & Him, The Supervillains and Royal Teeth



Dear GYA, Why does everyone honk and yell at me when I ride my bike downtown (sobs)? Hey, assholes, people on bikes have feelings, too. The other day, I was minding my own business and I cruised through a couple of red lights, rode against traffic and then took up an entire lane while I texted my friend. What's the big deal?--- I wish car people would just share the road, man. You know? Anything happening today where I can ride my bike without being yelled at? - Marcia Burfth, The Avenues

Marcia, People can be so mean sometimes. I wish these pollutin' car jerks would just get a clue. I mean, we all gotta get around, so, geez, why not just share the road already, guys? Here's what's up for tonight:

Florida-based "swamp reggae" band The Supervillians will be at Bar Deluxe. Funk & Gonzo and The Chickens are also on the bill. Tickets are $10. The show starts at 8. 

Zoey Deschanel's indie-pop band She & Him will be at Red Butte Garden. Tilly and The Wall will warm things up. Tickets are $50. The show starts at 7:30. 

The Louisiana synth-pop band Royal Teeth will be at Urban Lounge. American Authors are also on the lineup. The show starts at 9. Tickets are $10. 

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