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Fist Pumps & Acne: How To Be A Roller Rink DJ



When you're an impressionable kid, it seems there's certain people in life that have it all figured out; the manager at GameStop, that guy with the gauged ears at Lids, the dude with the tiny pony tail selling the remote control helicopters in the middle of the mall and most importantly, the true master of them all, the roller rink DJ.---

Last time I was at a roller rink I'm pretty sure I was 12 and they played Ace of Base's "The Sign" over and over again while I crushed green apple Sour Straws and hit on chicks by spraying them with a broken drinking fountain. It was the best of times. For my friends and I, the roller rink was a safe environment, a place to run around and act like total butt-nuts.

Now, 20 years later, I decided to return to this commonwealth of adolescent awkwardness. But this time, I was to be the dude playing the Ace of Base. I was to become a roller rink DJ for a night at the Classic Fun Center in Sandy, Utah.

My spiritual guide was Jared Halls, he's the GM at Classic Fun Center but he's also the main DJ. It's his passion. It's how he connects with his people. In the world of counter-clock wise, non-alcohol related entertainment, Halls is King and I was his apprentice...

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