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TV Tonight: Family Guy vs. The Simpsons


Family Guy (Fox)
  • Family Guy (Fox)
What’s new on the tube tonight:

Family Guy (Fox) One-Hour Season Premiere: Brian: "Guess we're in a town called Springfield." Stewie: "Springfield, eh? What state?" Brian: "I can't imagine we're allowed to say." Thus begins a full crossover hour of inside jokes about Family Guy being a rip-off of The Simpsons, Peter's non-sequitur habit, Springfield's "hepatitis"-skinned citizens, the inevitable extended fight sequence, and even a nod to Bob's Burgers and the late Cleveland Show as 'toon hangers-on. If you're not convinced Family Guy can still bring the funny 13 seasons in, just wait until Mulaney shows up next Sunday.

Ray Donovan, Masters of Sex (Showtime) Season Finales: First, on Ray Donovan, an hour of yelling and running. Then, an hour of yelling and crying on Masters of Sex. These shows were made for each other.

Once Upon a Time, Resurrection, Revenge (ABC) Season Premieres: The only real news here is that Revenge is flipping the script in Season 4: Instead of Emily getting her revenge, it’s Victoria who’s out for vengeance against Emily. This could go on for years, Itchy & Scratchy-style.