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In The Loop: 11/14/15. Drunken Winners

Events for you to check out from November 15-28.


Hello to all you ballot-stuffing, vote-counting, winner-announcing, party-going, food-enjoying, drink-guzzling, where-else-am-I-going-to-get-drunk-with-reporters enthusiasts! If you hadn't caught on by now, we threw out annual Best of Utah party this past week, essentially giving us a reason to invite all the winners out to get drunk and dance while feasting over R&R BBQ, Frisch, and The Pie the entire evening. Not to mention some tasty beverages, which were the equivalent of liquid candy, from Salt City Vodka. But now that time is done and we're now slowly making our way toward Thanksgiving, the never-ending parade of bullshit that is Christmas Wars, and bidding a not-so-fond farewell to 2015 in seven week's time. Get ready for all that craziness. Below are a list of events I'd like to recommend you check out before and during your Turkey Day celebrations, along with a photo of the tower of vodka I wish I could have taken home this past Thursday night. We'll be back with more interviews on this blog on Monday, starting with a live concert, not sure what the rest of the next two weeks will have in store. As always, we'll see what happens.


11/15: 12 Minutes Max at The City Library
11/15: SLC Diggs Deeper II Millennium Dance Complex
11/15: Adrenaline with Christian Pieper at Downtown Wiseguys
11/17: Comedy Roadkill at Watchtower Cafe
11/18: Wild & Scenic Film Festival at UMFA
11/20: Holiday Market at Bijou Market
11/20: Transgender Day of Remembrance at Utah Pride Center
11/21: Cranksgiving 2015 at Crank SLC
11/21: 1520 - Hip Hop Art Show at Infinity
11/23: 8th Annual Lights On! Holiday Event at Orem City Center
11/25: Big Shiny Geek Show's Thanksgiving Pub Quiz at Lucky 13
11/28: Small Business Saturday Market at Skinworks Spa

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